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Male rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty among males has been popular lately. Rhinoplasty is not anymore in the monopoly of women, models, and actors anymore. To look great with self-confidence in the society, the business world and in social media has been very trendy recently. That's why more men look for nose reshaping. Men’s noses are often wider and higher at the bridge and longer overall with thicker skins.  One of the most important aspects of male rhinoplasty is not to take the bridge of the nose excessively. It may stay straight or remain with a small hump as well. This gives a more masculine look and strong definition to the male face. The second important point is to make the nasolabial angle 90 degrees. However, to augment the tip (tip definition) 1-2 mm above the cartilage dorsum also ends up with a good result in male rhinoplasty.

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