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Rhinoplasty and thick skin

Rhinoplasty and thick skin


The skin covering the nose shows varieties in thicknesses including its connective and fatty tissue. Thick skin has an advantage for the camouflage cover of the underlying cartilage and bone irregularities. However, it masks the tip definition and projection of the nose in rhinoplasty. In techniques weakening the cartilage structure, the thick skin becomes a bigger problem making the tip look even bulky.  On the contrary, the most important issue in these noses is to rebuild a rigid, strong framework, so the skin looks tight. Postoperative recovery is a bit longer with the thick skins. Thinning the skin may cause circulatory problems and /or extra scar tissues. In thick skin rhinoplasty, instead of a small nose expectation, to succeed a well-shaped nose with good tip definitions and strong framework, but not quite so small in size will be the best surgical option. 

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