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Different nose types

Lately Turkish doctors have been very popular in rhinoplasty. We have patients from various countries. The doctors being well specialized in rhinoplasty, the prices being agreeable and the hospital conditions being perfect are the main reasons for this preference. Our country has a rich variety of...

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The operations that can be combined with rhinoplasty; rhinoplasty and mentoplasty

For rhinoplasty operation to look successful, the shape and the position of the chin become important. If the chin is way behind a vertical plane dropped from the vermilion of the lower lip, it disturbs the proportions in the face. The nose may look bigger and longer than normal. Augmentation...

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 Nasal Dorsal Hump

A nasal hump is a bump made up of bone and cartilage on the bridge of the nose. If this hump is small, a minimal rasping is generally enough. But with large humps, the bridge of the nose looks wide. After rasping the bony hump, the bridge should be narrowed by lateral osteotomies. The excessive...

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Chin retrusion is a very important detail on the face which disturbs the facial beauty and symmetry . Augmentataion mentoplasty is performed with silicone implants. It is a easy technique and the results are very satisfactory. It may be done at the same time with rhinoplasty. This small operation...

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Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetic)

Nose attracts attention. It is placed in the middle of the face, that's why it gives the ultimate meaning to the visage. Some dominant deformities in its shape may cause also psychological problems.Rhinoplasty is an operation to change the shape of the nose. The shape of the bone and the...

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Simple proportions in the nose

Nose is composed of dorsum and tip. Dorsum has the bony and cartilaginous section. To reduce either of them excessively may end up with bad results such as saddle nose deformity. Or not to remove the bony hump sufficiently may end up with an aquiline nose. Not to remove the boss on the cartilage...

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Rhinoplasty and emotional stability

To be emotionally stable when deciding for rhinoplasty reduces the person's stress, comforts the doctor performing the surgery and increases the surgery's success. The family and friends influence the patients with their value judgments and ideas. Emotional stability encloses the features...

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Rhinoplasty and its socioeconomic perspective

There are many factors which influence the success of corporate life. Sociocultural level, education level, stable and healthy personality are undoubtedly the major factors. Additionally, the outside appearance may be important as well. The meaning of the face influences people at first sight....

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The most compatible nose to the face

The definition of beauty aesthetically is not easy. The harmony, beauty and mathematical proportions are the main complementary issues. Harmony should be maintained due to the skin quality, the shape of the eyes, the chin and the frontal region. A nice dorsum in a good proportion with an elegant...

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Male rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty among males has been popular lately. Rhinoplasty is not anymore in the monopoly of women, models, and actors anymore. To look great with self-confidence in the society, the business world and in social media has been very trendy recently. That's why more men look for nose reshaping....

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The operations that can be combined with rhinoplasty; rhinoplasty and otoplasty

For a face to look nice with a well-done rhinoplasty, it should be lack of other deformities. Prominent ears are one of them. If a single or both ears protrude laterally, then prominent ears attract attention instead of a well-done rhinoplasty on the face. Otoplasty is an easy operation where the...

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Sun exposure after rhinoplasty

In general, excessive sun exposure is harmful to the skin. The ultraviolet damage leads to sun spots, deepen the lines and the most important of all increases the risk of skin cancer. After the rhinoplasty operation, it is recommended to stay completely out of the sun for the first two weeks....

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