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Techniques of otoplasty

Techniques of otoplasty

The treatment of protruding ears is always surgery. The two ears are operated at the same time. There are various techniques such as;   suture, suture - incision, incision-scoring and cartilage thinning. Achieving a reduction in height and/or size of the concha  ( a part of the auricle) relieves the protrusion away from the head. Excision of the postauricular skin and fixation of the lobule are also done. The problem should be analyzed and the procedure is planned due to this analysis. The sutures are of the long term resorbable material. The pain killer and antibiotics are  given after the surgery. Pain, hematoma, cartilage necrose are early complications. A strong bandage for 5 days postoperatively and hair bandage for 4 weeks are recommended.

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