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Small tips for otoplasty ...

Small tips for otoplasty ...

Otoplasty is cosmetic surgery of the ear shape. There are 2 main deformities of the auricle. The ear sticks out from the head with an angle more than 25 degrees. And the curves of the auricle cartilages are not formed. As a result of these two deformities the ear looks larger and protruding. The auricle completes most of its growth around the age of 5. So, the operation may be done any time after the age of 5.  The correction is generally recommended before the age of school to prevent a self-esteem problem. The procedure may be done under general and local anesthesia. The aim is to provide the symmetry and the natural angle between the auricle and the head.  A bandage is applicated for 3 weeks and the activities like sports may begin after 4 weeks. 

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