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Is there any breathing difficulty after rhinoplasty?

Is there any breathing difficulty after rhinoplasty?

Breathing problem is normal after 1 - 2 weeks after rhinoplasty due to swellings. This is not a permanent problem.  To weaken the supportive cartilage tissue on the lateral sides for making a finer nose results in a collapse in alar sides of the nose. This causes a major breathing problem. Besides, especially after rhinoplasty for large and broad noses, the nose is reduced in size and narrowed. Even a mild septum deviation and turbinate hypertrophy which have not caused any obstacle for breathing before may be a problem in this new created diminished diameter of the inner nose. In this case, rhinoseptoplasty and turbinoplasty surgeries are preferred. An experienced surgeon cares to creates a nice looking aesthetic nose with a good function.

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