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Rasping nasal dorsum

Rasping nasal dorsum

When there is a hump on the bony vault, the nose looks as aquiline. Cutting with osteotomies, reducing with piezo or rasping are the methods to reduce this bony hump in rhinoplasty. Hump reduction with rasping is a popular method among many surgeons. It is a quick way of reducing the bony projection without losing control. Just a small rasping with the small bumps, intensive rasping with the huge bumps will be sufficient. After this procedure the dorsum of the nose looks wide, that's why it is narrowed by lateral osteotomies. We should be cautious with reducing the hump in rhinoplasty; otherwise, if there is an over resection, the dorsum and nose end up with ugly deformed appearances. Rasping makes it easy to control the resection. The irregularities on the dorsum are seen less. The strong, natural looking dorsum is made.  Controlled procedures in rhinoplasy always give good results.

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