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What happens the day of rhinoplasty?

What happens the day of rhinoplasty?

The exact date of the rhinoplasty operation is scheduled. The patient should fast 7 hours before the operation. Otherwise, the anesthesia wouldn’t give general anesthesia to avoid a possible complication and the surgeon would delay the rhinoplasty operation. Even the patient drinks only half a glass of water, the operation could be canceled. It is advised to come in casual comfortable clothes.   There may be nausea and dizziness postoperatively due to the anesthesia and the meal is served 4 hours later. It may be difficult to breathe through the nose first night because of the dressings inside the nose. The patient stays a maximum of 1 overnight at the hospital or is discharged 8 hours after the rhinoplasty operation. The dressings are taken the next day.

This content reflects only information, physician consultation is recommended for the diagnosis and treatment.