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Open or closed rhinoplasty….

Open or closed rhinoplasty….

The main differences between the open and the closed rhinoplasty is that in  the open rhinoplasty there is an external incision on the columella reaching the tip and the dorsum easily. In  the closed rhinoplasty the tip and the dorsum is reached through internal incisions through or between the tip cartilages. There is a limited view to the tip and dorsum in the closed approach. The incision is made as inverted-V in the open access and the scar is imperceptible and disguised. The underlying structures are less disrupted in the open access since the tip cartilages are not split and incised to view the tip and the dorsum. Precise and definitive reconstructions of rhinoplasty are made easily by the open technique since there is a perfect exposure to the nose. Whereas in  the closed technique limited reconstructions are possible. Of coure, the skill of the surgeon is the most important factor in achieving a good result.

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