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Is nose bleeding a problem in rhinoplasty?

Is nose bleeding a problem in rhinoplasty?

Nose is rich in various capillary networks.   That 's why it easily bleeds due to trauma, changes in weather, infections and systemic problems like hypertension and hematologic diseases. In case of a stuffy nose, we do rhinoseptoplasty surgery where we operate on the septum and the inferior turbinates at the same time. After rhinoseptoplasty, and rhinoplasty some oozing of blood is expected for a few days postoperatively.  Patients are instructed to avoid blowing their nose,  exercises like heavy lifting, and medications which thin the blood and induce bleeding for up to 2 weeks after surgery.  Through a good medical history before the operation and careful manipulations during the operation, intranasal dressings for 1 day postoperatively, we barely come across post -op heavy bleedings in rhinoplasty.

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