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Pinched nose deformity

Pinched nose deformity

The pinched nose deformity results as a complication of the rhinoplasty operation. The tip of the nose looks extremely narrow as if pinched. When there is an excessive resection of the tip cartilages (lower lateral cartilages) and when tip defining sutures are placed too close and rigid, the tip may end up with a pinched deformity. The structural support and strong framework is a very important issue for rhinoplasty. A loss in this support on the tip causes weakness and collapse with a poor tip definition and breathing. To correct this deformity, we should redefine the tip by adding cartilages. The techniques can be summarized as the alar batten grafts, lateral crural strut, and lower lateral crural reconstruction. The cartilages are taken either from the septum and /or from the ear concha. The tip of the skin may be thickened by covering sliced cartilages or a thin layer of a facia.

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