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Tip problems in revision rhinoplasty

Tip problems in  revision  rhinoplasty

Redefining the shape of the tip is really important in rhinoplasty. Revision tip plasty can address a variety of deformities such as; Tip ptosis (droopy) is where the nasolabial angle is less than 90 degrees and where sagging of columellar region occurs. Polybeak deformity of the nose is where the supratip region is not removed sufficiently. So, a dorsal hump stays on the supratip pushing the tip downward. When the alar cartilages are removed excessively and the sutures on the tip are squeezed, the nose may appear pinched. Rim retraction appears as the result of excessive resection of the lateral crural cartilages. Tip rotation is generally parallel with the rotation of the 1/3 middle cartilage dorsum Overprojected tip, cartilage asymmetries and alar asymmetry are the other complications which need revision tip plasty .

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