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Why is revision rhinoplasty more difficult?

Why is revision rhinoplasty more difficult?

Rhinoplasty is a hard surgery that doesn’t tolerate even minor undesired results. Revisions are considered in these cases. Revision rhinoplasty is more difficult because of the scar tissue, the lost nose strength, and some unpredictable variabilities. The scar tissues are formed due to the healing procedure of the original surgery. Dissection and anatomical differentiation are harder and the surgeon should also be careful not to create additional scar tissues. The bones and the cartilages can already be weakened from the previous surgery. So, ultimate care should be shown in rebuilding the skeletal framework or in making refractures. Revision rhinoplasty may be performed by the surgeon who has done the original surgery. In cases of negative patient-doctor relationship, another experienced surgeon may be preferred for the revision rhinoplasty.

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