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Supratip break point

This is the slightly depressed area in the most inferior section of the dorsum just superior to the tip. There is a slight angle in this area distinguishing the dorsum from the tip. This is the...

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Angle of Divergence

Tip domes are the projected areas where the lower lateral alar cartilages intersect with the medial columellar cartilages. The angle of divergence is the angle between these two domes of the tip....

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Tip defining points

The tip defining points are the very anterior projection of the tip cartilages. There is one point on each side of the tip. They should be symmetrical. They produce a light reflex on the tip looking...

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Polly-beak deformity

Polly- beak deformity refers to a nose and tip resembling a parrot's beak. It is either congenital or results from prior rhinoplasty surgery. There is an excess prominence in the supratip area of...

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Saddle-nose deformity

Saddle – nose is a deformity defining the dorsal depression on the middle vault of the nose. It is mostly acquired. External trauma to the nose or inappropriate rhinoseptoplasty surgery damage...

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 Nasal Dorsal Hump

A nasal hump is a bump made up of bone and cartilage on the bridge of the nose. If this hump is small, a minimal rasping is generally enough. But with large humps, the bridge of the nose looks wide....

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Any loss of smell with rhinoplasty?

After rhinoplasty and especially after rhinoseptoplasty (where septum deviation is also corrected), it is quite normal to have a loss of smell for up to 4-6 weeks. It is due to the swelling of the...

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Is there any breathing difficulty after rhinoplasty?

Breathing problem is normal after 1 - 2 weeks after rhinoplasty due to swellings. This is not a permanent problem. To weaken the supportive cartilage tissue on the lateral sides for making a finer...

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The question of scar tissue in open rhinoplasty

Lately, because open rhinoplasty is preferred mostly, noticeable scar tissue may be questioned by the patients. There is no external incision in a closed rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, there is a...

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Rhinoplasty in patients coming from other cities or countries..

It has been easy for patients to reach their doctors from all around the world through social media. In this case, it is recommended to visit us 1 day before the surgery. We become acquainted with...

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